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With over 160 years of dedicated experience, Burnell Tovey Funeral Services deeply understands the profound and multifaceted impact of losing a loved one. We recognize that this is not just a period of mourning, but a challenging journey that can deeply affect your emotional and physical well-being. Our extensive history in providing compassionate care has honed our ability to offer support that goes beyond the traditional scope of funeral services

We are committed to being a source of strength and solace during these trying times. Let us assist you in paying tribute to your loved one with dignity and respect, ensuring their memory is preserved with the honor they deserve. Trust in Burnell Tovey’s longstanding tradition of care and excellence to guide you through this difficult period with empathy and understanding

Funeral Planning Services

As an independent, family-run funeral directors we understand that funerals are a personal choice and that every funeral is different. Not being part of a large, corporate group, we are able to provide tailored funerals which celebrate the life and reflect the personality of the deceased.

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For more information on our services, please contact us on 0117 966 3980 today. A member of our helpful team will be available to offer supportive help and advice. We can also arrange an appointment for a face to face meeting to discuss your wishes.

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